Friday, December 7, 2018

12-7-2018 Prayer Requests

Please pray for Anne Hatfield.  This is the sister to Faith's Assistant Day Care Director.  She had a stroke.  She has a 99 % blockage and an 80 % blockage.  She will have surgery Tuesday and has been told she could likely have another stroke during surgery.  Pray the surgery will go well. 

12-5-2018 Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for Lorelei Druhl.  She was taken to the hospital due to issues with her abscess.  Please pray for pain control and healing. 

Pray for Hank Karus.  He is having sugery on a tricep tendon today.

Pray for Wayne Marshall, Jessica Pyrtle's father.  He had back surgery  and is not recovering well.  Please pray specifically for pain relief and complete healing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

12-4-2018 Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for Reagan Phillips.  This is the granddaughter of Andy & Tammie Willard.  She is having back surgery Thursday.  Pray the surgery goes well and for a good recovery.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11-13-2018 Prayer Requests

Pray for Brenda Kennedy. She has been in the hospital since Sunday. She will have a heart cath today. Pray the results will be favorable. Pray for David & Anne Shropshire's brother-in-law, Roger Nichols. He has a mass in his lung and will start chemo today. Pray for God's touch upon his body. Pray for Leon Small's nephew, Steven. He is in the military and has just returned from serving in Kuwait. He has just discovered that a man in his unit committed Suicide. Pray for the Lord to provide exactly what is needed for this man's family, Steven and his unit as they process this news.

11-8-2018 Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for Nancy Nifong (Derick Nifong's mother). She has moved to the Hospice Home in Lexington. Pray for Candy Lamanna. She was admitted to the hospital with Preeclampsia. She is 31 weeks along in her pregnancy but cannot deliver until she is 34 weeks along. Pray for God's touch upon her body.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

11-06-2018 Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for Pastor Gates as he recovers from a knee replacement he had Monday. He seems to be doing well and will get to go home tomorrow. Please pray for Nancy Fulk as she is now at home recovering from a knee replacement. Pray for complete healing. Pray for Roberta Griffith, Michael Griffith's aunt. She has a bleeding ulcer, she has lost a lot of blood, her blood pressure is extremely low and she is in critical condition at a hospital in VA.

Friday, November 2, 2018

11-2-2018 Prayer Requests

Linda Crisp is still in the hospital following lung surgery this week. She will have an x-ray in the morning and depending on how that goes, she will hopefully go home. Please continue to pray for a good recovery.